Loncon 3 Programme Guides

With over 1000 programme items across a huge range of areas, all packed into the five days of the convention, you really do need a guide! We have three different guides for you to choose from; use one or all of them, depending on what suits you best:

Pocket Programme Guide

Full attending members will receive this spiral-bound printed guide when they arrive at the convention, but you can also download it now as a PDF. It's full of information about the programme and the convention as a whole, and it even has a restaurant guide. As pocket guides go, it isn't small, but it's a perfect quick reference. Keep it with you!

Like any printed programme, the Pocket Programme Guide was finalised several weeks before the convention (that includes the PDF version, too). Despite our efforts, there will inevitably be last-minute changes to the programme that won't be included. However, we will be publishing 'pink sheets' throughout the convention that will include any changes to the schedule. So, if you are using the Pocket Programme Guide as your main source of information, watch out for the pink sheets to stay up-to-date!

Web-based programme guide

Our web-based programme guide uses KonOpas, a mobile-friendly web application that you may have already seen at other conventions. Because it's an online guide, it can automatically include the latest updates to the schedule. You can view this guide on any modern web browser on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

The guide allows you to search, browse and filter the programme by day, location and tags, and it includes information on programme participants and the items they are taking part in. It also includes some of the general information about the convention and ExCeL from the Pocket Programme Guide.

Just above the Loncon 3 logo, you will see a link "Login to sync your data". If you log in with an online service such as Facebook or Google, you can select your favourite programme items to build your own schedule for the con, and then view that schedule on any other device. You can also export your schedule as an 'iCal' file, to import into your calendar.

This is the most widely compatible of our guides. Although it is web-based, you do not need to be online to use it: shortly before the con, we will enable caching, so that your browser can store the programme data on your device. If you have a data connection (e.g. on ExCeL's free wifi networks), the guide will check for updates to the schedule, but will otherwise use its stored version.

We are grateful to Eemeli Aro for his work and support on our use of KonOpas.

iOS and Android mobile apps

If you have an iPhone/iPad, or an Android device, and you want to use a native app for your Loncon 3 programme guide, the Grenadine Event Guide is the one for you!

The Grenadine Event Guide is available for download here:

When you first run the app, you will be prompted for an event code; enter the code LONCON , and the app will download the schedule to your device. You can use it to search and browse the programme items and participants, and you can flag items to save them to your personal schedule, which you can then view within the app. As well as the programme details, the app includes a map of ExCeL, and some of the general information about the convention from the Pocket Programme Guide.

The app will store the programme data and other information on your device for use offline. But if you have a data connection (e.g. on ExCeL's free wifi networks), you can check for updates, and the app will alert you to any changes to the items in your personal schedule.

We are grateful to Henry Balen and Grenadine Technologies Inc for their work on and support for our use of the Grenadine Event Planner.