Gaming programme

Welcome to the games track of Loncon 3. In recent years we’ve seen not only a huge development in the quality of videogaming, with intelligent and thought provoking titles vying for position with good old fashioned platformers, RPGs and strategy games, but there's also been a huge revival in tabletop and boardgaming. We want to showcase both the virtual and non-virtual aspects of gaming at Loncon 3, as well as allowing everyone the opportunity to play games, relax and have fun.

We've got a lot of things planned, and want to make this one of the most exciting games track possible, both for old hands and complete newcomers. Below is an updated list of some of the things we have planned!


We have a huge variety of panels and events planned, from celebrations of point-and-click adventures, to discussions about representing diversity in LARP events. Along the way you’ll also find zombies, portal guns and netrunners. We even have a Zombies, Run! walk/amble/run planned for early risers.

The Games Tent

We will be hosting the games programme in a large indoor tent within the Hospitality area of the convention space. We want to give the impression of a space which is slightly different, as well as being somewhere people can come to enjoy themselves. It also means we can quickly change the shape and size of the space depending on our needs. We are very pleased to announce that Eclectic Games will be bringing their games library of card and boardgames to share with us, as well as having volunteers on hand to show you the ropes.

Gaming Tables

Gaming tables for boardgames and tabletop gaming will be available, and as well as the usual drop in sessions we will be running some organised games which you will be able to sign up for either in advance or on the door (or both!)

RP Haven will be running a series of, tabletop games from traditional titles to lesser known indie games throughout the weekend. Games will be available for die-hards and new players alike, and you are welcome whatever your experience. RP Haven is the largest tabletop role-playing club in London and is a non-profit, community driven gaming club. Their focus is to provide an excellent gaming experience based on whatever you want to play. There will also be slots available to run your own games, should you wish

There will also be practical sessions on GMing a great game, character design and worldbuilding.

Playtest UK are also running a number of tables during the convention. Come along and try out new games, or help the designers test their own creations! We’re expecting everything from storytelling card games to physical party games, with economic euro games and dexterity games also in the mix.

Games Klatches.

A number of people have offered to run games klatches for us, and there are still lots of slots open for this if you wanted to get involved and run a game for other people. So far we have easy card games, a pirate klatsche of nautical themed games, and sessions from the Game Pit Podcast.

Live Action Roleplaying (LARP)

Two Live Action Roleplaying games will run over the course of the convention. David Cheval will be running London Darklands. When "dark rock" was discovered in the early 19th century, it not only caused huge technological advance, but also caused the emergence of various fey races. London Darklands is a faction based steampunk/urban gothic scenario for approx. 40-50 people set in the London Docklands. Numbers are limited and sign-ups will open before the event. Unexpected Events will be running a post-apocalypse thriller aimed at a larger group of people. Details to be announced.

There will also, of course, be Werewolf sessions throughout the four days, and we have an evening set aside for all of those pesky villagers to get eaten by the lucky wolves (can you tell which side I prefer being on?).


To celebrate Guest of Honour Iain M Banks, we would like to try the impossible (why not!) and recreate the game of Azad from The Player of Games. Azad is a game so staggeringly large and complex that an entire empire is named after it, but it also takes part over three boards, card games and other activities. Over a series of panels, development sessions and play events, we aim to recreate or at least try to imagine what the various aspects of Azad might be like, as well as playing and creating contemporary games that might reflect aspects of it. This will culminate in a large play session on the central green, where we will try to ‘play’ the game we have invented.

Catch 'em all Crossing

Still missing that elusive Pokémon, want to visit other Animal Crossing villages or simply play some Mario Kart? Bring your handheld console and we will provide some comfy sofas for you to visit on, share items and participate in some Streetpassing/Download Play.

Getting Involved.

We are also still looking for people to bring games along to the gaming marquee and possibly help out on the sign up desk. Playing games at conventions is a great way to meet people and share something together, or to relax between panels. We want the games marquee (did we mention it's next to Hospitality?) to be a welcoming place for everyone to be able to have fun and maybe play a few classics, or a few games they might never have played before (and some that aren't yet released...shhhh).

Esther MacCallum-Stewart