Guests of Honour

Special prestige is given to the small number of Guests of Honour which each Worldcon selects. Their work and other contributions to the science fiction community are honoured through the convention's programme, exhibits, and publications.

Loncon 3's Guests of Honour have contributed to the field through fiction, comics, art, criticism, publishing, and fandom. More information about each of them can be found in the introductory pages below, in the convention's publications, and through their own websites and social media links. They are:

Being chosen as a Worldcon Guest of Honour is a significant recognition of each person's commitment and contribution, and means that the list of Guests of Honour thus effectively represents a Hall of Fame for the science fiction and fantasy field.

This film was made for us by Mark Slater in summer 2012, to mark us winning the bid to host the 2014 Worldcon and to introduce our Guests of Honour. We've left it just as it was then, not least to emphasise that we'll still be celebrating the work and contribution of all seven of our Guests. But we miss Iain M Banks too.