Theatre at Loncon 3

Loncon 3 is thrilled to present our version of a London West End weekend with a variety of science fiction and fantasy theatrical performances for your enjoyment: comedy and tragedy, monologues, dyads, and ensembles. Like the genre literature, film, and television we all love, live theatre provides another way for us to lose ourselves in other worlds...

Your guide to the shows is below. Please click through for more details.

The Cancellation and Re-imagining of Captain Tartan

Thursday 14 August 10PM

Ten years afterwards, and on the 15th anniversary of Captain Tartan Saves the World Again, the Reconvene Rubber Tree Company presents the “behind-the-scenes” tragedy that brought the series to a premature end as they finally reveal the truth behind the appalling aftermath... [more]


Friday 15 August 3:30PM

Reporter Liz Lassiter races to avert disaster when Mastermind plants a bomb which is going to detonate within the hour! [more]

Tim Powers's The Anubis Gates – World Premiere Stage Adaptation

Saturday 16 August 3PM

Current Theatrics' high-octane adaptation of the Philip K Dick Award-winning novel The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. [more]

The Terminal Zone

Saturday 16 August 6PM

Rod Serling is attending the wrap party for the series that took him from being a critically successful but largely anonymous screenwriter to a household name and international icon when he receives an unusual visitor... [more]

Hallucinating Shakespeare

Saturday 16 August 10PM

Michael Anderson performs hilarious, ecstatic rants on the plays! [more]

Girl Genius Radio Plays

Sunday 17 August 3PM

Join us for adventure, romance and mad science, as we present an exciting episode from the life of Agatha Heterodyne – in the style of old time radio drama! [more]

Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)

Monday 18 August noon

Can’t get enough Shakespeare in your life but never have enough time to read all his works? Then be sure to catch The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged). A thorough knowledge of Shakespeare is not required but a sense of humour is recommended, as hilarity shall in fact ensue, pursued by a bear. [more]