Cosmonaut Anatolii Artsebarskii at Loncon 3

Anatolii Artsebarskii

Former cosmonaut Anatolii Pavlovich Artsebarskii will be attending the entire convention and has agreed to participate in the programme. He will speak at 17.00 on Sunday 17 August.

Anatolii ArtsebarskiiBorn on 9 September 1956, Artsebarskii was the commander of the Soyuz TM-12 mission in 1991. He flew it to the Mir space station with crew Sergei Krikalev and British astronaut Helen Sharman, and spent a total of 144 days in space. Artsebarskii carried out six spacewalks, with a total time of more than 32 hours, most of which was spent building the Sofora space tower onto Mir's engine control module.

Artsebarskii and Krikalev were in orbit during the attempted Soviet coup in August 1991.

Artsebarskii holds the awards of Hero of The Soviet Union, Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, the Order of Lenin, and the medal "For accomplishments in exploration of outer space".