World Science Fiction Society

Worldcon Site Selection

The Site Selection Ballot is Now Closed

Worldcon sites are selected two years in advance, by a secret ballot of WSFS members. All Attending, Young Adult Attending and Supporting members of Loncon 3 are eligible to take part in the process of site selection.

To vote, you will need to submit a ballot, either in advance, or in person at the convention. You will also need to pay an Advance Membership (Voting) fee, which will be converted to a Supporting membership in the 74th Worldcon.

Site Selection in the Constitution

The Site Selection process is governed by Article 4 of the WSFS Constitution. Section 4.6 defines the requirements for a bidder to be included on the Site Selection ballot.

Two bids filed for selection before the deadline.

Site Selection Ballots

Site selection is undertaken by written ballot, on a one member, one vote basis. Votes can be submitted by post prior to the convention, or by hand at Loncon 3 itself.

To be eligible to vote, you must be a living, natural person and an Attending, Young Adult, or Supporting Member of Loncon 3. (Please note that Child Memberships, Single Day Admissions and Hall Passes are not eligible to vote in site selection.) If you do not yet have a membership, please start by purchasing one before proceeding.

You will also need to pay an Advanced Supporting Membership (Voting Fee) to take part in the site selection process. This fee is $40. This fee will automatically convert to a supporting membership in the winning convention, no matter who you vote for.

To submit a postal ballot, you should download and print the ballot form, purchase a voting token (see below), complete the ballot, and return it to the Site Selection Administrator. Please note that for postal ballots we can only accept payment of the Advanced Supporting Membership by token; please do not send cheques or cash.

To purchase a voting token, please go to this page. Enter your details and make the payment using your credit card. Once you’ve done this, your voting token (a numeric text string) will be displayed on the screen. You will also receive a confirming email containing the token.

Please read the instructions on the ballot carefully. The ballot includes a place to record your personal information, your Loncon 3 membership number, and the voting token for your online payment of the voting fee. Voting is tallied by preferential balloting procedures. This means that you should indicate your favourite selection with a “1”, your next favourite with a “2”, and so on. If you mark an “X” with no other marks, that will count as a “1” for that bid and no other preferences. Note that ballots cast on behalf of memberships held by non-natural persons, such as "Guest of" memberships, clubs, and toys, may only be voted as "No Preference." Do not forget to sign your ballot if you want the vote to count for your choice(s).

Note: copies of the ballot forms are also included in Progress Report 3. This Progress Report has been/is being posted to all members who have specified that they would like to receive printed publications. It is also available in the downloadable version of PR3 which can be found here.

All postal ballots must be received by Friday 8 August  2014. Postal ballots must be mailed directly to the Site Selection Administrator at the following address:

attention: 2016 Site Selection
PO Box 314
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701 USA.

Please do not send ballots to the Loncon 3 convention addresses in Sheffield, UK, or Mountain View, California, USA.

Voting in person at the convention will continue until 6 PM on Saturday 16 August 2014.

If you delegate someone to hand-carry your ballot for delivery at the convention, please ensure that you have a Loncon 3 membership, or that your voting agent is able to buy one on your behalf, and that you have purchased a voting token or provided your voting agent with funds to pay the voting fee.

The results of the site selection votes will be announced at the WSFS Business Meeting on the morning of Sunday 17 August 2014.

If you have a question about any aspect of the site selection process which is not answered by the information on this page or on the ballot form itself, please write to us at and we will do our best to help.

Bidders and Filings

Two bids have filed for the 2016 Worldcon.

The full committee listings and official filing documents for the 2016 Worldcon bids can be downloaded from the filings page.