The Retro-Hugo Awards

1938 Fan Activities

This page provides an overview of the range of relevant fan publications in 1938. This includes an introductory article (of which an initial version was included in the booklet distributed at the 2013 Worldcon) describing some of the fan activity and those involved in it, and a summary list below of as many as possible of the fanzines.

We will keep the list under review – including adding more details about specific fan writers and fan artists who were active in 1938 – so be sure to check back later for more information and links to uploads on other sites (including and – particular thanks to Joe Siclari and Rob Hansen respectively, and also to Robert Lichtman and Greg Pickersgill). If you're aware of any work which you believe should be added to the list, please email:

1938 fanzines currently available to read online:

Novae Terrae #21–28 – Maurice Hanson, UK

Report of the Second Convention & AGM Maurice Hanson, UK (April 1938)

Rubaiyat Of A Science Fiction Fan – C S Youd, UK (December 1938)

Spaceways #1 –Harry Warner Jr, USA (November 1938)

Tomorrow – Douglas Mayer, UK
#4 (Winter 1938)
#5, Vol.2 No.1 (Spring 1938)
#6, Vol.2 No.2 (Summer 1938)
#7, Vol.2 No.1 (Autumn 1938)

Le Vombiteur – Robert W “Doc” Lowndes, USA
#1 (1 December 1938)
#2 (8 December 1938)

Le Zombie #1 – Bob Tucker

Other 1938 fanzines of which to be aware include:


(For a fanzine to be eligible for the Hugo Awards the category definition includes a requirement for a minimum of four issues to have been published, at least one of which must have appeared in the year of eligibility.)